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Today, worlds pace is connected to numbers, our world has grown in science and technology by developing their pro-numeral ability. Since the numbers are increasing day by day, those who choose to study without Mathematics and Science narrowing their prospects in career and life.

As a parent, we know very well that the children today represent the future, and that their future holds full of obstacles and challenges. Therefore, we are responsible today for the development of their behavior and skills, and most importantly, to the development of their cognitive and intellectual abilities.

Abakus Europe – Kuwait, founded on the principle of believing on child’s improvement and development, therefore, we took all future fears and threats and converted them to current opportunities. We are here to provide our children with unparalleled opportunities, to learn and develop their cognitive and intellectual abilities. Our qualified and experienced teachers will provide your child, an extra dose of inspiration and motivation through an interesting and unique curriculum, to progress not only academically but personally too.

About Us

ABAKUS EUROPE – KUWAIT Mental Arithmetic Center is a dynamic international learning institution expanded worldwide, dedicated to imparting mental arithmetic program for children in the age group of 4 -14 years.


What is mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic (abacus) is a ready-made original system for developing intelligence. Regardless that it develops children of preschool and school age intellectual abilities, it also Improves children school performance, confidence and independence.

It is known that studying any new subject stimulates the brain. The more we train our brain, our neural connections becomes more active between the left and the right hemispheres, and what previously seemed difficult or even impossible, becomes simple and clearer.

According to scientific studies, the most intensive development of the brain occurs in children at the age of 4 – 14 years old. The acquired skills in this age are learned quickly and easily and stored for many years. These skills have significant impact on the future of children at all levels.

Mental arithmetic today is not just a technique of rapid oral calculation, it is a program for the harmonious development of the intelligence of children and adults.